Thursday, January 7, 2010

Month Five in Haiku

Reviewing status
Everything I’ve done so far
Proposed next steps too

Water proposal
A charity found my blog
And they’re funding it

Tying up loose ends
Starting strategy memo
Two monthly reports

Embracing the malls
My world – Shangri-La, Mega
Greenhills for more pearls

Holiday parties
It’s a festive time of year
In the Philippines

Nutcracker ballet
Int-l Volunteer Day clean
Third Goal Power Point

Bicol Express (bus)
Caramoan island hop
Carried off the boat

Making future plans
COS trip and beyond
March New Orleans build

Let’s go surf again!
Afternoon and morning waves
Bus films – Jackie Chan

Detour on return
For dark, bittersweet chocolate
Yes, it is that good

New eye prescription
So much cheaper than at home
Might yet get new frames

To Bohol Bee Farm
Relaxing in a hammock
Organic salads

Tarsiers, Chocolate Hills
Tourist highlights of Bohol
For me, it’s Nuts Huts

Walking up river
Swimming to the waterfall
Mountains surrounding

On to Palawan
They call it the Last Frontier
It’s off on its own

Underground River
UNESCO Heritage Site
Natural beauty

Hiking to and from
Monkey Trail and Jungle Trail
Plus I took a boat

Puerto Princesa
Center where Mercedes works
Quiet New Year’s Eve

Honda Bay islands
Firefly mangrove paddle
And a city tour

Two thousand nine ends
My time here will end soon too
I have loved it here!

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