Friday, January 1, 2010

Some Pictures from Week Twenty-Two

Bohol Bee Farm cottage:

Bohol Bee Farm salad:

View from the hammock:

View from the deck:


Chocolate Hills, looking brown:

Peace Pole at the Chocolate Hills:

Loboc Church:

My Nuts Hut:

The coco massage reflexology walk:

View from the hut:

Loboc River waterfall:

Loboc River swim:


  1. That salad looks beautiful. Does it taste good also?

  2. It was delicious (so much so that I had it for four different meals!). The honey-mustard dressing is made from honey grown at the bee farm (and I suppose mustard too, though that is one of the few ingredients I didn't see growing there - all of the greens and flowers were grown there too.