Saturday, January 23, 2010

Month Six in Haiku

Really just three weeks
It’s exactly twenty-six
And it went by fast

Birthday tradition
You buy food for the office
Pepperoni ‘za

Hot water heater
Not too late to enjoy it
I like hot showers!

Under the weather
Cold, achey, coughing and such
Really, first time here

Final status rep
Marketing strategy too
Tying up loose ends

Visiting Bajaus
Small business consultation
Displaced sea gypsies

Said they’d donate – that’s good news
Packing my big box

Mindoro weekend
Stairway stage, waterfall hike
Nice Mangyan baskets

Talk with founder Lars
There’s consulting potential
Princeton interviews

COS process
Paperwork, reports
Still other work too

Final report, PN-VS-CA
DOS, more forms

Making the food rounds
Pizza, sushi, other faves
Miss most? Mango shakes!

Last Habitat build
We moved dirt and had fun
Oh – Jackie Chan too!

Tayabas Ayta
After a fast 5K run
Interesting culture

Exit conferences
Tony/Milo, PN-VS-CA
New Habitat pres

Country Director
Milo again, dental, med
Lots of signatures

Goodbyes and farewells
Hard to believe it’s over
Mt. Pinatubo

Glad that I’ll come back
Before I take off for good
Will it hit me then?

I’ve had a great time
Loved the work and the country
And the friends I’ve made

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